Construction Clean

You Build It, We’ll Clean It

At Integrity Facility Solutions, we have a construction division that is committed to the post construction cleaning of your project. Our dedicated team can handle all aspects of your project from rough cleans to final, as well as sales, estimating, safety, operations and customer service. Whether you’re renovating a small office space or constructing a multilevel building, we’ll guarantee that we have the manpower and ability to have your project completed in your timeframe and exceeding your expectations.

First In – Last Out

Our rough clean is performed before/during the interior work of your build. Removing debris and trash from the worksite, sweeping and mopping floors/vertical surfaces of as must dust as possible and removing stickers from surfaces such as windows and machinery. The final cleaning is performed after the completion of the project. During this process, our team will dust, sweep/mop all surfaces top to bottom, sanitize kitchens and bathrooms, polish stainless steel, clean and wash all glass and windows.

After the Dust Settles

The last step is the powder puff/touch up clean. This step is not needed for every project. After your walkthrough, if there is anything extra you would need done because of a delay in occupancy or a returning visit from a contractor – cleaning inside of all cabinets/drawers, tile scrubs, air vents cleaned, light fixtures dusted – let us know and our crew will go through with a fine-toothed comb to ensure that your building is ready when you are.
Integrity Facility Solutions Construction Cleanup crew
New Construction cleaning
New Construction cleaning

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