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Every property must be appropriately maintained and cleaned in order to remain functional and operative. The job of a day porter is to ensure that your space consistently stays presentable, comfortable and clean. Without the proper care – both repairs and cleaning – your building is likely to go downhill quickly. Especially those buildings that see high foot traffic and a considerable amount of business. From chipping paint on the walls to dirt and grime buildup, dirty windows, filthy restrooms, overflowing trash cans and even cobwebs in the corners – our day, porter services will do it all for you.


A lack of upkeep and cleanliness of both seemingly minor repairs and cleaning needs can quickly equate to much larger issues for you and your operation. Our day porter services are ideal for those busy institutions such as malls, public buildings, manufacturing plants, healthcare facilities, hotels, condos and offices. If you have a facility of some sort that sees heavy traffic, you should consider Integrity’s day porter services. Our professional porters are highly skilled and experienced in performing all types of cleaning and repair tasks and are available for your every maintenance need. As a leader in providing reliable and consistent day porter services to the area, we have earned a reputation for ourselves as a cleaning solution company capable of providing the highest level of porter services available. Our trusted on-site day porters are present to ensure that your property remains well-maintained and presentable. With a keen eye for issues and incredible attention to detail, your personal day porter will address various issues and incidents that might occur during working business hours without you having to lift a finger. For the most courteous, friendly and effective day porter services, call Integrity today.

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Integrity Facility Solutions is a honest, professional company to work with. They are trustworthy to get the job done, and done right. If you are looking for a great company that not only professionally cleans, but rejuvenates floors, fixes minor maintenance issues, and makes your company shine go with Integrity!!!
– Laurel Hinten –

Integrity Facility Solutions is an honest company with hard working employees. They go above and beyond what is asked of them and their communication is top notch. Thank you for all you do!
– Nick York –

The attention to detail compared to other companies I have felt with is unparalleled. After services they go above and beyond to accommodate any needs. The employees seem to be well trained and have always responded quickly to any question or concerns. Quality of work and super competitive pricing has this company leading the Tristate as the best in the business! 
– Justin Connaughton –