Integrity Facility Solutions App

Tech in Hand

Our investment in technology helps our teams stay on top of their schedules and ensures that minor issues don’t turn into bigger problems.

How does it work?

  • Each client will download the app and create a profile.
  • Within the app clients will be able to send alert messages and inquire about arrival times of cleaning crews.
Many competitors say they deliver quality, but with Integrity Facility Solutions we will prove it!

Our Promise to Clean

At Integrity Facility Solutions, we pride ourselves on being known as the most professional, reliable and efficient commercial cleaning company in the area.

In order to continue providing a top-quality performance, Integrity Facility Solutions has invested in providing a new easy to use mobile app that manages all aspects of the client’s needs.

With the app we are able to provide:

  • Simple, smart scheduling
  • Easy and reliable inspections
  • Fast responds to problem reports

By using the mobile app inspections are easy to setup, highly customizable, and include walkthrough checklists. They can even be done remotely for quick service and convenience.

Public Survey Plaques

This is an interactive system that can be placed in each location in each room in the facility. You can give feedback and the system knows the location at which the plaque is, this feedback is immediately sent to our operations team for review and response. Give it a try? This is a live plaque. Text us your phone number and we will respond.
Integrity Facility Solutions Survey Plaque

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