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About Us

Who is Integrity Facility Solutions?

Integrity Facility Solutions is an ethical company that is responsible, honest, and truthful when it comes to providing exemplary service to all of their clients. Having strong values, morals, and principles are an important part of Integrity. Actions that are motivated by strong principles will ensure a positive outcome.

What Can Integrity Do for You?

Integrity industrial cleaning services provide your business with:

  • Experienced and dedicated full-time support for handling any and all cleaning challenges
  • Reliable and trusted 24-hour operations to cater to cleaning emergencies
  • A sanitized and clean industrial building that meets all standards and guidelines as required for safety and operational purposes

Our Process

Integrity Facility Solutions 5 step process

Our Guarantee

Only the Best, From the Best

An experienced and dedicated team ready to offer support for any janitorial or cleaning challenge you might find yourself faced with.

Trusted Staff and Reliable Services

At Integrity Facility Solutions, we pride ourselves on being known as the most professional, reliable, efficient and friendly commercial cleaning company in the area.

Integrity Facility Solutions Phone App

Tech in Hand

Our investment in technology helps our teams stay on top of their schedules and ensures that minor issues don’t turn into bigger problems.

How does it work?

  • Each client will download the app and create a profile.
  • Within the app clients will be able to send alert messages and inquire about arrival times of cleaning crews.
Many competitors say they deliver quality, but with Integrity Facility Solutions we will prove it!

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