General Cleaning

At IFS we strive to provide you with the clean building you deserve. Clean buildings are important since cleanliness is directly related to the health of your staff and visitors. Cleanliness can impact the number of sick days your staff takes each year. And of course a clean building has a positive impact on your visitors and clients perception.

Our scope makes the difference. Our scope is very inclusive and addresses all the details you expect to keep your building clean as well as those things that people often do not think about and may take for granted. For instance desks can harbor more germs than a bathroom and so we wipe desks with disinfectant each visit to ensure a clean wipe environment for your staff. Many cleaning companies only dust. This is only one example of many, where we go the extra mile to make sure that your building is clean and sanitary. Our basic scope of work is comprehensive and ensures complete cleanliness.

Although our janitorial services are comprehensive to begin with, there are other factors that may be unique to any particular business. We can always add services to fit the specific needs of your facility. Many of our facilities prefer the use of microfiber mops for their lower risk of germ transfer from one room to another. Other facilities may need daily buffing of their waxed floors. Flexibility is important in any commercial cleaning application to insure our clients specific needs are met.

We are also OSHA compliant and all our commercial cleaning crews are fully trained to understand the health and safety impact of proper cleaning. We use OSHA approved chemicals and keep your SDS sheets up to date. We never use residential cleaning chemicals.

The most important feature of our commercial cleaning services is our communication. We offer regular inspections of the facilities we clean to ensure that our crews are maintaining your facility properly. We also maintain a 24 hour hotline so you can reach us for all your facilities needs and concerns. We guarantee a 1 hour response time for all communications to our operations to serve you quickly and efficiently.

With more than 20 years of experience and a constant drive to improve, we are confident that IFS is the best choice you can make to take care of your facility.

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