Distribution Centers

Distribution Centers can have unique challenges since every warehouse operation can be very different. No two facilities are alike. Many facilities chose to hire commercial cleaning for their office and inside staff areas only. Other operations may need more robust and inclusive services.

Some facilities may require day porters on multiple shifts to cover custom cleaning operations. Some of these operations include:

  • Trash porters to collect and dump trash throughout the facility
  • Trash sled drivers to move large quantities of trash on power equipment
  • Sweeper drivers to sweep warehouse floors and keep dust and debris from building up
  • Scrubber drivers for facilities where dust and dirty floors are an OSHA hazard or a sanitary consideration.
  • Rapid response cleaners for spills and sudden hazards.
  • Ongoing restroom and break room cleaning in facilities with multiple shifts and a high number of employees where these areas must stay maintained frequently.

Our Account Executives and Operations Specialists can help customize a program specific to your warehouse facility and streamline your cleaning operations. We will recruit, hire, train, manage, and oversee your warehouse cleaning team to ensure that of all the things you have to worry about, custodial services is not one of them. Your cleaning operations will operate efficiently so you can work on other operations.

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