Gyms are one of the custom markets we regularly service. Whether you have a one off specialty gym, or an entire chain, we can customize a scope of work to fit the specific needs of your facility. Some gyms prefer we clean the rest rooms and public areas and leave equipment cleaning to their staff. Other facilities are looking for a more comprehensive scope of work that includes equipment cleaning, disinfecting massage and tanning beds. Each gym is unique and we customize our cleaning scope to your needs. Of course locker rooms and restrooms are important to keep fully disinfected, but did you know studies have shown that equipment has a very high rate of transfer of bacteria and viruses as well? It is important not only to keep the dust and salt off your equipment to keep it looking clean and new, but also to clean the equipment from top to bottom with quality disinfectants daily to prevent transfer of germs from member to member. Many gyms clean at night and a crew will come in and clean the facility from top to bottom seven nights a week. Other gyms make use of day porters who can clean in real time while your members are using the facility. Ongoing cleanliness is kept to a very high standard. Very busy gyms will need both night cleaning and day porters to full service the facility and keep the gym clean and the members healthy. It is important to have an IFS representative come and tour your facility and give custom suggestions for the cleaning of your gym.

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