Safe and Secure Bank Cleaning Services

Integrity Facility Solutions offers safe and secure bank cleaning and janitorial services that your bank can rely on. The importance of keeping a clean banking business should never be undermined, nor should the company that you hire to do get the job done. At Integrity, we have – through our experience – familiarized ourselves with the all of the special procedures and regulations that go along with cleaning a bank. From special trash removal procedures to securely handling confidential documents, in addition to being sensitive to the high-security demands that come along with servicing a bank – Integrity has got you covered. We carefully select only the most qualified service staff, which undergo thorough background checks, as well as extensive training. As trusted members of our team, we require all of our employees to sign statements of confidentiality, in addition to key assignment agreements which ensure limited accessibility to the financial institution or bank (and its resources) without proper supervision. So, when you choose Integrity as your regular routine bank cleaning service, you can take a breath of fresh air knowing that your bank is safe, secure and in good hands.

The Importance of Cleanliness

The importance of keeping your bank or financial institution clean should never be underestimated. Research over the years has proven that customers establish a first impression of an establishment within the first 30 seconds of entering, and also that 70 percent of the customer perception is based on the first impression. That being said, maintaining the cleanliness of your establishment that consistently exceeds the expectations of the public is essential to not only establishing a strong, positive first impression but also for gaining and retaining customers. With such an extremely competitive industry as banking, it is, therefore, imperative that you maintain a clean, healthy and safe environment not only for your clients but also for your staff. When you hire Integrity Facility Solutions as your routine cleaning provider, you can be sure that you will maintain nothing short of an immaculate atmosphere within your financial institution.

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