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You might often hear the term “going green,” but with regards to your office and facility cleaning and maintenance, what does that really mean? To Integrity Facility Solutions “going green” means green cleaning – it means using cleaning supplies and methods that are healthy and non-toxic to your employees and customers. It is our aim to be as thoughtful as possible when selecting the products that we use, in an effort to provide you and your facility with the most eco-friendly and kind cleaning solutions available. The products and methods that we use are so gentle that even the most sensitive of individuals, be it one with chemical sensitivities or allergies, will remain unaffected by our cleaning services. You can feel confident that when you take advantage of Integrity Facility Solution’s green cleaning efforts, that your institution will sparkle from top to bottom in the most healthy and pleasant way possible. No harsh chemicals means no irritating odors or unpleasant side effects. Integrity’s green cleaning truly is the best way to provide a comfortable and enjoyable clean.


Are you aware that research has shown that improving the quality of indoor environment significantly increases employee productivity and performance? It’s true. It is said that the reduction of allergens and overall improvement of air quality reduces absenteeism and, therefore, results in a more effective team. Due to this reduction of employee illness and absenteeism, you can have confidence that going green will ultimately save you big in terms of savings through reducing your production losses. Not only does going green benefit your team and, therefore, the productivity of your operation, but it also satisfies your customers. First impressions are everything; it is imperative to portray your company as one that respects and appreciates the benefits that come along with not only a clean facility but a green clean facility. Additionally, green cleaning can also lead to an increased lifespan of your facility through use of more gentle cleaning solutions. A lot of times harsh cleaning chemicals can result in premature deterioration of your facilities, flooring tiles, carpets, countertops, etc. At Integrity Facility Solutions, we understand cleaning chemicals and employ only the processes that have your institutions indoor environmental quality as a top priority.

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